Elizabeth La Flesh Lee

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Elizabeth La Flesh married Alfred Lee, 6 September 1825, in Wilmington, Clinton County, Ohio. He had gone to Randolph County, Indiana. When he was eighteen, he homesteaded a farm. After their marriage, they lived in Randolph County.  It was while they were  living in Randolph County that the Latter Day Saint missionaries found Alfred and his brothers. They joined the Church, and in company of about 100 others, and moved to Clay County, Missouri.

We can tell where the Lees were driven, along with the other saints, by the dates and places of birth of their children. Samuel Francis Lee was born 1835 at Liberty, Clay County, Missouri; Alfred La Flesh Lee was born at Far West, Caldwell County, Missouri in 1837. He lived only one year. Joseph Smith Lee was born at Payson, Adams County, Illinois in 1839. George Henry Lee and Eli Lee were born in Nauvoo, Hancock County Illinois in 1841 and 1843 respectively.

The Alfred Lee family was with the Saints in Missouri, during all the persecutions and atrocities. As the Saints were being expelled from Missouri, the Prophet Joseph Smith told them to go to Nauvoo. It was during this part of their journey, that they found it necessary to stop in Payson, Illinois, for a time, as Elizabeth's time was due for her seventh child. He was born in Payson, Adams County Illinois on 23 April, 1830, and was given the name of Joseph Smith Lee. At length the Lee family reached Nauvoo, where they immediately set about building a home. They also helped to build the Temple, with their son Samuel Francis Lee being extra diligent and helpful in the work. Here Elizabeth gave birth to two more sons. She was also active in weaving cloth and sewing clothes, not only for her own family, but for those working on the Temple who needed clothing. This must have been a very happy rewarding time for Elizabeth, and in 1846 she and Alfred received their endowments in the Nauvoo Temple. They were driven out of Nauvoo by the mobs, and settled on a farm near Montrose, Lee County, Iowa, which is directly across the Mississippi river from Nauvoo

MAKING THE CONNECTION: Elizabeth is the great-great grandmother of Ruby Sorenson (aka Candy Grandma).

SPECIAL THANKS…Full credit for this history goes to Ruby Hansen Sorenson for compiling it.

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