Elizabeth La Flesh Lee Peder Sorenson Edward Teancum Murdock

Elizabeth La Flesh Lee

The Lee family was with the Saints in Missouri, during all the persecutions and atrocities. As the Saints were being expelled from Missouri, the Prophet Joseph Smith told them to go to Nauvoo. It was during this part of their journey, that they found it necessary to stop in Payson, Illinois, for a time, as Elizabeth's time was due for her seventh child.

Peder Sorenson

Peder Sorenson showing his horses to some of his grandchildren. Gladys Sorenson is second from left and James Verland Sorenson is third from left. Taken in front of Peder's home about 1910. Learn more about Peder Sorenson.

Edward Teancum Murdock

Alma, the second youngest son of Edward, says, "My dad ran our family with the fiddle bow. He sat by the window while playing the fiddle so he could keep an eye on us kids. When he would see us getting out of line, he would rap on the window with the bow. That was a signal to us that we were doing wrong...